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1Cover Travel Insurance generally offers the cheapest online insurance in New Zealand.



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We compare the cheapest travel insurance deals and 1Cover came out consistently the cheapest.
Online policies can work out up to 50% cheaper than what is offered by the travel agents.


Travel insurance is an essential part of your trip.

You can’t afford to travel if you haven’t got travel insurance. Costs at foreign hospital costs and repatriation, especially if travelling via the USA are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE.
This cost can sometimes add up to $50-100,000 if you are very sick, so always take it out.
You hope that you never need to use it but if you ever do it can literally be a lifesaver!

14 day trip to Asia for their cheapest level of cover (prices are for comparison and were correct at time comparison done and may have changed since):


$65 1Cover Travel Insurance  


$77 Columbus Travel Insurance – select NZ

$81 Southern Cross Travel Insurance  (including internet discount)


14 Days trip to USA (prices were correct at time comparison done and may have changed since)


$85   1Cover Travel Insurance  

$108 Columbus Travel Insurance – select NZ


$161 Southern Cross Travel Insurance  (including internet discount)

It is essential that you check the travel insurance policy’s
1. Cover
2. Terms & conditions to ensure you have enough cover for your trip and their terms to ensure you are covered for everything you might need during the trip.
3. Any exclusions.


Best Online Travel Insurance Deals:

Some of the cheapest & best deals online travel insurance companies in NZ



Over 1 Million Satisfied customers across the globe!


Some of the cheapest deals around with up to 50% off cover online and often cheaper than Southern Cross, State & Tower.
They are underwritten by the huge Global insurance company Allianz.
Down Under Travel Insurance has some good prices esp on longer trips away.
Columbus Travel Insurance
Part of the global Columbus Group of travel insurance companies.

State Insurance
Get 20% off on online quotes but usually more expensive than 1Cover above 

Flybuys Travel Insurance

Southern Cross Travel Insurance
20% off online quotes 

World Nomads
Offers some deals for non residents.


To compare travel insurance deals you can compare prices (Note this is done by DownUnder Travel Insurance so isn’t independent!)

Gold & Platinum Credit Cards with FREE Travel Insurance!

Most offer free travel insurance if you pay for your flights / accommodation with your gold card. Some cover you for up to 180 days!

If you’re eligible for them & going on a long trip or multiple trips each year, the annual fee often works out cheaper than a travel insurance premium.


Check out our Gold & Platinum Card Comparison Table on the offers available.

Travel Insurance Tips


Make sure you always have proof of purchase for anything in your baggage you may want to claim as the insurance company will always ask for this.


Call your insurance company if you are going to make any claim as you may need to call before you can get medical treatment.

Notify your insurance company of any preexisting illnesses.


Moral of the story: always check your policy before leaving home to check what it covers and to see if there are any requirements before you can submit a claim.

Car Insurance


How to get better deals on car insurance:

  • Shop around. Can save you $100s if you get best deal. Amazing that people spend time trying to get few extra % interest but don’t shop around for car insurance.
  • Combine home, contents & car insurance. Up to 30% discount if you have them all with the same company. (State
  • Always maximise no claims discount (after 1st yr often 30% up to max 66%). Some companies offer no claims protection but remember this is only if you stay with the same company!
  • Consider getting immobiliser or alarm fitted as often get discount (check with your insurance company first)
  • Check the value of the car. May be more than it is worth.
  • Consider a higher excess (you agree to pay the first $250 instead of $100) may give you a discount.
  • Older drivers (usually over 50s) can get discount of up to 20% in some situations 
  • Pay premium annually rather than monthly if you can get a lower quote or no surcharge
  • Restrict younger drivers. If you declare no one under 25 will drive the car you may get a discount.
  • Look at 3rd party, fire & theft insurance if your car isn’t worth much.

A recent consumer NZ report Oct 2007 rate different insurance companies for different people.

Young man 22 wants to insure his 1996 subaru impreza found state insurance cheapest at the time at $482

Home Insurance
To get the best deals:


  •  Always shop around so get a quote from as many of the companies below as you can.
  • Check between Combined home, contents & car insurance for discount but also remember to check to:
  • Shop separately for home & contents insurance. Consumer magazine found often cheaper buy from different companies as they may offer good deal with one but poor with other
  • Some companies offer no claims discount on contents
  • You can get a discount if you have an approved burglar alarm installed.
  • You may qualify for discount if you stay with same insurer for more than a year but always check this discount against what you can get from others
Here are some links for online quotes to make your life easier (remember they only provide a rough quote): 

State Insurance 0800 80 24 24
AA Insurance Online Quotes 0800 500 219