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Cheap Car Rental Deals
Auto Europe compares numerous car rental companies to find you some of the cheapest car rental deals on the planet.
We have used with great success and save $$$ in the Process.

Free Relocations

We list a range of providers who offer FREE car or Motorhome / Campervan relocations in New Zealand. There are a number of companies offering these deals and we have brought them together for you. 

You often only have pay for the fuel & if travelling from South to North Island you can often get the ferry thrown in for free!

These free or very cheap relocations are often only available from South to North (ie Christchurch to Auckland for example) But sometimes you can get lucky and get relocations from Queenstown, Wellington etc.
It’s therefore often best to fly into Christchurch & out of Auckland if possible as you save on costs & time!  
However, you’re much more likely to get these in summer months when demand very high to return them back to their locations.

The following offer FREE or Cheap relocations of Cars or Motorhomes/Campervans in New Zealand:

Offer both NZ & Australia relocation deals! Check them out.

You need to click on One Way Rental Campervan Rental section at the bottom of the page and on that page you can choose between  the latest availability for New Zealand or Australia relocations!

offers Cheap or Free Car or Motorhome relocations but often the 2 companies above have more choice esp Drive Now.

Search for the Best Price
To compare some of the Best Deals in New Zealand and Australia on Camper Van Hire check out this comparison search below:

Thrifty Car Rental

A number of relocations available throughout North & South Island
Book 0800 73 7070 Quote”Relo”
Budget Car Rental
Free Car Relocations with Budget NZ
Click on Relocations section of special offer page when available. 
Avis Car Rental
Only available occasionally mainly in summer.



Omega Car Rental
Travel  from Christchurch to Picton, Nelson or Blenheim OR Wellington to Auckland from just $1 per day

This also includes standard motor vehicle insurance. If required between Islands, Omega will cover the cost of the ferry.

$1/day Car Relocations with Omega

Motorhome & Car Relocations:

How to find relocation deals:
Select where you want to go and check their terms & conditions about how long and how much Kms you have
You usually have up to 6 days to relocate the motorhome or car but this depends on how far you relocate it. Relocations are usually Christchurch to Auckland but can be Picton or Wellington to Auckland at times. 
They are usually $1/day to hire and can include free ferry between North & South Islands.

They also provide standard motorhome & car rental in New Zealand & Australia


How to compare Car Rental Prices if you don’t want to relocate:

Drive Now

Compare prices from a number of car rental companies in both New Zealand & Australia

Has a unique feature of being able to compare a number of different car hire firms last minute. They also allow you to compare deals for certain dates in the future too.


Car & Motorhome Rentals

It is better to check out the price comparison websites like Drive Now above but if you want to look at individual car firms we have provided links to the big companies below: